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356 Specialst from Japan.
Contact: G.P. van 't Hoff
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The Porsche Speedster is over 50 years old. In 2004 there was the Porsche Speedster 50th anniversary event. But for those who could not be there or who want to have the event continued, there is!

This website is for made by and for Porsche enthusiasts. We hope to give Speedster enthusiasts an overview of the Porsche Speedsters and their condition.

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Some of the cars - photographed at the fest - got mixed up when the photo's where printed. Do you recognize your cowboy hat, chair, refreshments or car? Please, click on the picture and register it!!

Unique rally card game full with classic Porsches.
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752 known cars in list
Chassis: 80076
Model: Pre A
Year: 1954

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