Nightwing Goes Off The RAILS | Tentatodd Jason Todd Is A Tentacle Monster

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Jason Todd was once a tentacle monster. This storyline was a brief moment in mid aughts Nightwing following Infinite Crisis. Brothers in Blood was a story from the One Year Later event where each comic jumped forward a year in time. DC Comics had been flirting with the idea of killing off Dick Grayson, but not the role of Nightwing. While that ultimately did not happen it did lead to a world of two Nightwings, and a tentacle monster. Many remember the second Robin for his return to life as Red Hood but some also remember this moment. Find out how it all came about here on Casually Comics!

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31 Responses to Nightwing Goes Off The RAILS | Tentatodd Jason Todd Is A Tentacle Monster

  1. Favourite Robin and why??

  2. ghartman56 says:

    I'm not going to pretend I've researched this opinion, but I wish Jason Todd as a character had…a character. An agreed-upon set of traits that makes it feel like you can tell whether the way he acts in a specific storyline is in-character or not. I'm not claiming to know the perfect characterization of Jason, but that's kinda my point. It seems like there are some writers who have a firm and complex sense of who they think Jason is and then other writers just go "idk he's angry, violent, and died before, so slot him into whatever needs craziness and killing", especially considering how often his character is brought 'back to basics'. I'd argue his character seems more consistent across the extremely broad range of fanfiction writers than it is among the DC-appointed writers of comics involving him, which is wild. It's a shame. He would be really compelling if the default for writers without a clear vision for him wasn't just "lol killing and chaos go brrr".

  3. Sherbet42 says:

    I like how someone involved is named 'Guy Mayjor." that's the fakest name I've ever heard

  4. DIEGhostfish says:

    7:00 Jacob reminds me of the psychic from the Gruenwald run of Captain America, the one Zemo hired to find the Bloodstones to resurrect his father, and who Crossbones (Who had spied on this adventure) hired to find Red Skull after Magneto buried him alive.

  5. Ivanprime93 says:

    DIDIO STANS!? Now I know we live in the dark timeline.

  6. Nny (knee) says:

    The first panel of Tentatodd reminded me of the Darkness.

  7. I'm happy to know about TentaTodd.

  8. Wait, Jason Todd isn't a tentacle monster?! I just assumed he always was one.

  9. why does dick looke like he has a horrible combover when tentatodd was doing a vore?

  10. What the actual silver age fuck is this lol

  11. Oh no… I sense a new Playlist… for superhero or villain themed fashion or art shows… or even collection displays (other than the Flash, of course).

  12. Peng Win says:

    wow, that was…stupid

  13. I want more of tentatodd!

  14. I mean, if there is anyone who could emphathize with returning from the dead and finding someone had replaced you, it would be jason.

  15. Trey Dodson says:

    This is the worst comic storyline I ever read! I am a huge Dick/Barbara shipper and love the idea of Dick taking on the bat cowl. I realize Bruce Jones was told Jason Todd would again replace Dick Grayson. However, not able to tell Dick from Jason initially and hurts the story and Dick is not behaving like himself at all yet this is before the Ric Grayson excuse. Rumors abound of Dick being under the bat cowl One Year Later and potentially married to Barbara and yet we get this crap. Talk about setting up fans. Adding to the insult I hate Jason Todd.

  16. This was such a weird time in comics. The One Year Later Outsiders also read really weird because the Nightwing in that title was clearly supposed to be Jason, but they changed their minds last minute and just switched the names back so you had oddities like Dick as Nightwing threatening Superman with kryptonite.

  17. When I first read about I instantly thought of Tetsuo’s mutation into a giant blob at the end of Akira, thinking that was probably the main inspiration behind it.

  18. “Do you remember when Jason was a tentacle monster?”

  19. the psychiatrist Dick talks to is Bridgette Clancy, his landlady during the Dixon run!

    She returned in Taylor's Nightwing run

  20. Does anyone else find it annoying that, despite clearly being in the same age group as or slightly older than Tim Drake (who debuted a year or so after his death), since being revived, Jason’s been portrayed as either in Dick and Barbara’s age ranges or slightly younger. Realistically, he should still be a teenager, but I guess Red Hood’s not very threatening as a teenage anti-hero.

  21. SuperJYLS says:

    Jason should have stayed a pathetic villain

  22. R.Q.R. says:


  23. I absolutely hate that among us has ruined the word ඞ imposter ඞ

  24. Tentatodd is very Junji Ito in its concept

  25. Nick Wilson says:

    I got hit with V19 Krytonite (Da Coof) Sasha, my only Antidote is. Silverage Shananiginz lol

  26. Nick Wilson says:

    Look! Down by the Beach!
    It's a Octopie! 🐙
    It's a Squid! 🦑

  27. Damn. Everything does come full circle. This is one of the first comics I ever read as a kid, and never was able to find it again. I still remember this like 15 years later. And I'm deep down the comics rabbit hole now lol.

  28. Ryan Wilson says:

    I actually own these issues and forgot about Jason Todd and the tentacles were in this.

  29. Then which DC tentacle monsters are more worthy of our devotion than Tentatodd?

  30. Chronoplague says:

    This just makes me think, "yeah, sharing a crime fighting persona every other night sounds way healthier!" Just another example of plot complications actually being good.