The Problem With Nightwing – Explained

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24 Responses to The Problem With Nightwing – Explained

  1. I totally agree. Grayson was at his peak as Batman and the story was headed in such a cool direction, but then the new 52 screwed it up like it screwed up everything else.

  2. Kanta says:

    3:37 Dick is short for Richard because there was a period of British slang ("Cockney rhyming slang") where they used rhyming words (like calling stairs, "The pears,"), and Dick rhymes with Rick. Same with Bill for Will and Bob for Rob.

  3. I just want them to stop putting Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon together. To me, everything I’ve ever seen of them dating has really not been a good or healthy relationship. Particularly what I have seen is that Barbara Gordon has this attitude, and that she is chill for date Grayson headlights only dates him because she can’t be that man. Moreover, I prefer dick Grayson dating StarFire because the relationship that had with StarFire what is on a player had to hell with her learn all of relationships and commitment, and Raymond Weil have him learn to express his emotions in a healthy way. It’s also a more adult relationship in Dick Grayson text Grayson a Park instead of making him forever anchored to the bat family.

  4. sorin3510 says:

    3:36 Richard –> Rick –> Dick
    Also, fun fact: "Dick" is a slang for detective. That's derived from the romani word "dik" wich means "to see/to look". And yes, Nightwing is a romani

  5. Snow Chen says:

    Is he the least consequential robin or am I missing something

  6. The problem with Nightwing isn't that he needs to be Batman. The problem is he needs to be left alone to do his thing without the latest Bat-Event or DC-Event disrupting his status quo. This last time has worked in his favor for once, but more often than not that has not been the case.

    The Volume 2 run tanked because the Devin Grayson deconstruction combined with Dick being tossed into the resolution of the gang war that killed Stephanie Brown, which was shortly followed up by the event that destroyed Bludhaven and was supposed to kill Dick. The aftermath of that was a series of uninspired runs in that the writers tended to use Nightwing as a vehicle to try to get their new "creation" over or the writer didn't do a good job because they went into the run thinking they were writing Jason Todd and then editorial switched it at the last minute.

    The great run with him as Batman was short-circuited by the New 52. Then during the New 52, every time momentum was built up an event blew up the status quo. The Court of Owls wasn't too bad because it was all pre-planned and the writer even had laid foundations for the next story arch during the build-up to the Court of Owls, but then the Death of the Family destroyed the status quo the writer was moving to. The writer picked up and moved the character to Chicago and must when the run was hitting its stride Forever Evil happens and short-circuits that storyline about the masked killer that never really gets resolved.

    I am one of those that liked the Grayson angle and enjoyed it, but I've disliked that pretty much everything from that time has been more or less forgotten once Seely left the subsequent Nightwing run.

    Seely's run was good, but when he left, the new writer just discarded everything, and honestly sometimes got weird with the characterization, although again when a writer was starting to get a handle on things then the Bat-editorial gets involved, Dick gets lobotomized by KGBeast and we get over 2 years of absolute hell with the "Ric" Grayson storyline. It is a testament to the love of the character that the book's numbers didn't fall enough to be canceled at that point.

    Things are mostly good now, but I shudder to think what might happen during the next Bat-event or DC-event.

  7. I agree. The ultimate evolution was Dick Grayson becoming Gotham’s Batman with Damian as his Robin and Batman returning as a global Batman with Batman Inc. new 52 ruined all that.

  8. I don't think anyone, including Dick himself, wants him to be Batman. Even when Bruce died, he had to be forced to take the cowl, and at least in my eyes he would only do until Damian was old enough. However, I agree that he should be a better Batman. And looking at current continuity, that's exactly what he is.
    Dick is the leader of the premiere superhero team (I still think that's is kinda dumb it's the Titans but whatever), he is a billionaire spending his money more effectively than Bruce ever would, he's cleaning up his city and he has a family which he actually trusts and is part of. Meanwhile, Bruce is (relatively) broke, he's a recluse, and in the current arc he has to face the fact that he's getting older and Gotham isn't getting any safer.

  9. According to online sources, I can confirm that any named Dick is indeed, just a name.

  10. Derek Segura says:

    How powerful is Nightwing?! (Grayson Nightwing)

  11. Henry Peters says:

    Late but the whole Dick/Richard thing is similar to Bill/William. Dick was a nickname for Rick, which was a nickname for Richard.

  12. Only reason why Batman doesn't call for anyone is he believes he doesn't need help

  13. This is unpopular I dont think Dick should take over Batman I think it should be Tim. I like the idea of Dick becoming better than batman without being batman.

  14. Shea Dastrup says:

    I'm just here for Dick and Kori so when that happens they'll have my attention

  15. Honestly, I think DC just needs to go back to the older established version of Nightwing/Dick Grayson.
    I remember pre-new 52 Nightwing who felt more like a late 20s or early 30s adult and his relationship with Barbara who was Oracle at the time and that was top-tier level writing 😁👍.

    DC worries that by aging Bruce's kids too much this will in turn age Batman. To that I say, so what? Bruce is easily in his early/mid-50s by now…who cares? Dick & Babs should be around 29-35 by this point. Jason & Luke are easily around 26/27. Tim, Steph, and Cass should be about 23-25 by now. Duke Thomas & Harper Row are about 19-21. Finally, Damien should be 15-16 by now.

    We don't need to keep resetting the ages of these beloved characters because we are worried about aging Batman. Instead we need to be thinking about the right next steps for all his kids as they make their own claim as the Gotham Knights who will preserve and protect their city from external threats.

    I don't know about you but I'd love to see Dick & Barbara get married and have kids. I'd love to see Jason step up and create his own weapons business or do something equal cool on his own merit like by taking over the Suicide Squad. I'd love to see Tim take over Wayne Enterprises and make some life-sustaining changes to the civilians of Gotham. Steph & Cass could kick it on their own in an apartment somewhere maybe even team up with Harper to help Dr. Thompkin's clinic out. Luke could step up as a mentor and help Duke to realize the true extent of his meta-powers with the help of Mr. Fox. Finally, Damien needs to have his own arc that really hones in on his divided path between being a Wayne & an Al Ghoul. I want a whole build-up story arc to occur that leads to an ultimate choice for Damien to decide which path he wants to follow. Who knows maybe Damien could take over as the next Nightwing in due time if Dick ever wants to hand down that title.

    There is so much potential within all of these young adult characters and it would be such a waste if DC continues to reboot when the plots are just getting good or feel too permanent.

  16. os-zodiac says:

    Did you get demonetized?

  17. Allegory says:

    Bruce slept with his sons girlfriend who happens to be the daughter of one of his closest friends. Bruce deserves his relationship with his sons.

  18. Dom Aquin says:

    I think Dick should stay Nightwing and Tim should become Batman with Damian as his Robin

  19. Morrison himself has stated numerous times he would’ve written Dick as Bats & Damian as Robin for another 10 years, but DC cockblocked him out of the blue and hit him in the face with their Nu52 shenanigans.

  20. Death by falling on rock 👎

  21. It’s going to be funny to see 80 year old Nightwing and 30 year old Batman

  22. We definitely don’t need him to be Batman. The most exciting thing about the Titans becoming the new league is that we’ll get to see them in the spotlight instead of the same heroes we’ve watched save the day however many times over now. It’s ok to let the original league hit the sidelines, just like the justice society, and let the faces of a new generation take center stage. Besides, any true fan of the Bat family knows that many other members want and deserve the title just as much if not more than Grayson. His role is as a leader where as Batman is meant for the shadows.

  23. 1130AD says:

    The thing is that he is okay with no being Batman. He did not want to become and that was the whole point of battle of the cowl. He wanted to step out of Batman’s shadow.

  24. animeking says:

    Who the f*ck is Rick Grayson LMAO!